In the grand scheme of things… that is, in God’s plan of loving goodness… we personally have two main choices: to choose God or reject God. There is nothing else that matters. All our choices boil down to choosing God or rejecting Him. In our own lives, this choice can be hard to see because of our pride. We so easily fall to temptation thinking that we are choosing a good. What we often forget in our busy lives is that our choices have eternal consequences, and who we invite in to our lives affects the way we live.


Speaking of inviting people into our lives, we have a secondary choice in who’s example we follow: Mary or Satan. With the primary choice, we are not choosing between God and Satan, because God has already won the war. Satan is in no way even to God. We are certainly choosing between good and evil, but evil is the absence or perversion of a good that ought to be there. Everything and everyone God made was made good, including both Mary and Satan.

Both Mary and Satan were created without any imperfections. Mary was preserved from original sin, which gave her the same spiritual beginning as our first mother, Eve, from the moment of her conception. In the case of Satan, Lucifer was created good and given full knowledge of what was to come and made the free and eternal choice to reject God, due to his pride.

So, here we have two perfectly created creatures, beloved by God. Satan chose himself over God and rejected His love. Thus he is damned for all eternity to a life of self-worship, devoid of love, goodness, and beauty. So, what of Mary? Mary, throughout her life, constantly strove to choose God and do His will in all things. In this way, she enjoyed the favor of God and was even called by the angel Gabriel “full of grace.” At each moment of her life, she chose the better path, never once choosing to reject God.


Mary, the one who is called the “God-Bearer” (Theotokos) or “Mother of God” (Mater Dei) by the Council of Ephesus, assented to having the Eternal Word conceived in her womb. From that moment, until today, she has one purpose and goal: to bring us to her Son Jesus.

Satan, the one who has unsuccessfully worked against God from his beginning, continually is confounded by truth, love, and goodness. He wins occasional battles, but he has definitively lost the war.


Remember… God wants the absolute best for us, as long as we follow Him to the end with trust! Mary dwells in Heaven with God as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Satan resides eternally apart from his loving creator in monotonous toil.

These are our two choices of which creature of God to emulate. For my part, I choose to emulate Mary, because she draws us to her Divine Son, Jesus. And Jesus is the one mediator between God and man; He is God Himself, the Word made Flesh, born from the womb of the Virgin Mary.

The choice, then, is ours. Do we follow the example of Satan or do we follow the example of Mary? The choice is clear cut. Cling to our Blessed Mother. Pray the rosary. Let her show you to her Son. She is the surest and quickest path to Jesus Christ, given to us by Him as a maternal guide.


Will Wright lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his beautiful wife, Bridget, and very handsome young son, Kilian. He loves singing, speaking, and writing and absolutely loves any opportunity to share the Truth of the Catholic Faith. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Catechetics and Evangelization, and Theology and Christian Ministry from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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